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"A lot of retail is [the company] deciding what they'll want, manufacturing it and pushing it on the consumer." Instead, at Zara and sister brands the company listens to what its shop managers tell them - asking what are customers saying, what are they buying? And because Inditex manufactures, not predominantly in Asia, but in Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco, it can react quickly, ordering more of popular products or changing styles. "It's a pull model from the consumer rather than pushing the product onto the consumer," says Michelle Wilson. What does Inditex own? Oysho Uterque And it's not a model that can be easily copied by other brands, which don't have an established local supply chain, says Simon Bowler, from equity research company, Exane. But if other High Street brands aren't taking it on, online brands might - companies like Boohoo and Asos are only a fraction of the size of Inditex, but are focusing on shortening the time it takes to react to trends on the High Street and Instagram. For now, Inditex is "sitting pretty", says Simon Bowler. "But in 10 to 15 years' time there are likely to be more competitors operating a similar business model." Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Inditex targets younger consumers with different brands including Pull & Bear and Bershka A spokesperson for Mr Ortega says the scale of his success has rather taken the company's founder by surprise. He was always ambitious for his business but he never focused on personal wealth, and has often expressed his astonishment at how things have turned out, he reports.

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